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Donald Davis and Sheila Arnold

Storytelling Festival Preview
Date: Tuesday, September 4
7 PM

Enjoy a free preview of the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival with your friends and family. Our partnership with the festival allows the Library to bring in fantastic storytellers and may inspire you to check out more of the same at the festival later in the week.

About Donald Davis-
"If Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll and Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, storytelling’s reigning monarch would have to be Donald Davis. As a master of the personal story, Donald Davis invites you into the stories of his life to discover the stories of your own. A Sequoia in the forest of tellers, Donald’s North Carolina cadences transport you into a miraculous place where, by listening to his stories, you find yourself. Though laced together with wit and laughter, Donald’s narratives always glow with wisdom and humanity."
-Timpanogos Storytelling Festival website

About Sheila Arnold-
Sheila has twice been one of the featured “regional” Storytellers at the Colonial Williamsburg Storytelling Festival. Sheila has also presented Professional Development sessions, Storytelling Programs and Character Presentations at educational conferences, including Valley Forge Teacher Institute (2 years), Social Studies Conferences in New York, Louisiana, Virginia, South Carolina, Arkansas and Oklahoma, and at the National Council of Social Studies. Previously, Sheila has worked as a Social Worker with aggressive adolescents having emotional problems, a Hampton City Schools Substitute Teacher and led a Drama Ministry. She often uses her creative talents to do creative writing and/or drama workshops with children and teens, and has been called on to be a motivational speaker for high school students and young adults on many occasions.
-Sheila's website

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