What Sets the Viridian Apart?

  • Central Salt Lake Valley location
  • TRAX station nearby
  • Park setting (Veterans Memorial Park)
  • A large community room that can divided into three individual rooms
  • Retractable seating for 320
  • Seating capacity: 1,000 theater, 500 banquet
  • Ceiling projectors, screens, professional sound
  • An adjacent outdoor amphitheater
  • Automatic 30’ glass door opens to the amphitheater
  • Loading dock
  • Catering kitchen
  • Spacious prefunction area with event reception desk
  • Ample parking (270 on-site spaces with plenty of overflow parking available)
  • Community library in the same building
  • Environmentally responsible building
  • 250 new tree plantings
  • Free Wifi
Sets the Viridian Apart

Where Viridian Comes From

What is the origin of "Viridian"?

Viridian is the color between green and cyan on the color wheel and comes from the Latin viridis, meaning ‘green’. We often associate green with a verdant garden, and cyan (blue) with the sky. Most simply, these two elements are the design informants of this library/event center. The building poses a long transparent face along the edge of the city’s park, allowing library and event patrons to feel connected to the most significant green space of the community. Connections to the sky occur via three ‘light boxes’ – basically, incisions through the center of the building, from roof to ground level, that reflect and bounce sunlight to internal spaces. 

Energy & Environmental Design

Energy saving utilities, environmentally responsible building methods and materials, plus the use of native and locally adaptive landscape plants add up to an outstanding Leadership in Energy and Energy Efficient Design (LEED) building certification. This center has been certified to the LEED Gold Level – the second highest certification awarded by the LEED organization.

Energy production, energy consumption, the weather in the building and many other parameters specific to the Library’s Viridian Event Center can be viewed at the online smart building kiosk. Many of the design features that make this center a model for energy & environmental design can be viewed in the "green features" section of the kiosk.

There are numerous reasons to build a "green building." Environmental benefits include the enhancement and protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, the protection of air and water quality, the reduction of solid waste and the conservation of natural resources. Health and community benefits include improving air, thermal and acoustic environments, enhancing occupant comfort and health, minimizing strain on local infrastructure and contributing to overall quality of life. There are also significant economic benefits like reducing operating costs, enhancing building and land values, improving productivity and learning, and optimizing life-cycle economic performance.

Salt Lake County Library Services is proud to partner with Rocky Mountain Power for the Blue Sky renewable energy program which generates electricity with little or no emissions. It effectively uses resources that replenish themselves naturally, like wind, solar and biomass. The use of renewable energy at the Library’s Viridian Event Center and at the West Jordan, Herriman, Magna and Millcreek Libraries have had the equivalent environmental benefit of hundreds of thousands of miles not driven or thousands of trees planted.

For more information, visit www.rockymountainpower.net/bluesky.

Energy & Environmental Design

Viridian Fun Facts

Innovation and Information Intersection

The Library’s Viridian Event Center is part of a 70,000 square foot facility that includes the West Jordan Library and the Salt Lake County Library Services administrative headquarters. Geographically, the building is at the center of the Salt Lake Valley – the hub of library services to county residents. The Library’s vision is that the written word is a community-builder that can be extended into the spoken and performed word. The Library’s Viridian Event Center is designed to open to the outdoor amphitheater, linking outside and inside performances, presentations and activities.


Building Photos