The Library's Viridian Event Center hosts occasional art exhibits and a permanent art installation. These exhibits can be seen during regular library business hours - Monday-Thursday from 10am to 9pm; Friday-Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Discover exhibits at other Salt Lake County Library locations here!

Current Exhibit- Wasatch Photography

June and July 2018


Paper Cloud

Paper Cloud

Aerial sculpture by artist team George Peters & Melanie Walker
of Airworks Studio

Permanent Installation - Lobby, library and event center

We follow stories through pages, tracing winged migrations through the imagined world. Writing guides us along the flight path in a weaving course of words. The leaves of paper are then left to the winds of the tale with hands turning pages.

Our spoken words and thoughts have been written, printed, recorded and now miniaturized to a digital electronic pixel. The evolutionary trail of word and language has taken us to a  new age of extended synapse connections that span the globe. Libraries are now an interwoven web of information centers holding our collective stories and marking the path to understanding of other ways of thinking, seeing and dreaming. Our stories and curiosities evolve us.