The Library's Viridian Event Center wants to ensure the best possible services and standard of excellence. We ask that food brought into the facility comes from a caterer operating from a food service establishment with a current permit from the Salt Lake County Health Department.*

Food and drinks are only permitted in the lobby/pre-function areas, amphitheater and the multipurpose room(s). 

Alcohol is permitted for qualifying private events only. All alcohol service and permits must be arranged through your caterer.

We reserve the right to end an event prematurely if policies are not being followed.

*Beginning June 2018, all events will be required to choose from a specific list of caterers. That list is currently being developed through a RFP (Request for Proposal) process. Caterers interested in submitting a proposal to be included on the required list should create an account on the Utah Supplier Portal and visit the proposal for details.



Catering Photos